Sunday, November 13, 2016

Vincent Price as Dr. Strange?!

I usually designate quirky, off-the-cuff, "what if" images to Facebook or Twitter, not my blog, which caters to articles/reviews (with picture accompaniment, of course), but these particular, uncredited mock-ups of Vincent Price as Dr. Stephen Strange seemed too fitting not to share.

Such an adaptation was never considered during Price's peak. (Yeah, the Peter Cushing/Anita Ekberg costarring element would have been grand, as well). However, if a Strange movie had been produced in the '60s (or even early '70s) by AIP, Amicus or Hammer, when Steve Ditko's Sorcerer Supreme dominated the psychedelic scene, well, perhaps this how it might have been marketed. 

Anyhow, as the Benedict Cumberbatch adaptation dominates the box office, I hope you enjoy this alternate view of what could have been, though perhaps available for viewing in some parallel path right around the celestial bend.  

Long Live Stephen Strange!!!

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