Sunday, November 27, 2016


Jim Main Enterprises' newest publication is a dandy...a Rock Baker creation of the loveliest, underwater kind...a mermaid tale of excitement and redemption, designed to delight all who absorb it.

DAHL is the comic, as is the name of our heroine: an aquatic beauty who, along with her people, were discovered by a caring scientist named Eva. Dahl and Eva have become great friends, but not all the mermaids fancy Dahl interacting with the surface dweller, particularly the ultra-strict Queen Tora.

From Dahl's "wayward" ways, trouble (and ultimately, a most remarkable physical transformation) strikes, after Dahl presents Eva with a most peculiar object: a meteor, for all intents and purposes, but it holds an unsettling secret, which could destroy the mermaid realm. 

Baker's story is as quaint as it is edgy; and his black-and-white illustrations are (as could only be expected) a visual feast: cute and curvy, alluring yet innocent. His drawings are embellished by the sterling talents of Leonardo Martins; Steve Shipley; Jeff Austin; and Marc Haines. The result is a page-turner of Baker Girl wonderment; seasoned with the fast-paced fun of an Irwin Allen spree. A winner through and through!!!

I can't praise DAHL enough and give Mr. Main loads of credit for making it a reality. I recommend that you order a copy, if not only for yourself, for anyone who appreciates high adventure and of course, those lovely Baker Girls, whether finned or otherwise. 

You can order copies of DAHL for a mere $9.80 each (includes the cost of postage). Send check or money order to Jim Main at P.O. Box 93; New Milford; CT 06776. You're guaranteed to receive your package in a jiffy.

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