Tuesday, November 1, 2016


My Facebook buddy, Mark Holmes, delivers the goods in AC COMICS' FEMFORCE #176, in two action-packed entries. The initial caters to the beautiful Blue Bulleteer in a Cold War tale entitled "Sharpshooter", with titillating artwork by Scott Shriver. Holmes' second adventure details the mysterious, old favorite, Black Phantom, as she faces the shady but alluring Bride in "Till Death Do Us Part", with trail-blazin' artwork by Dave Matsuoka.

Also, my dear pal, Rock Baker (see "Collectible Time #36"; Sept '15) presents another towering Dinosaur Girl segment, with his signature, eye-poppin' pencils. The story, "Red Heat", is destined to spark your senses and propel your adventurous urges. Incidentally, Baker also supplies his superb penciling for this issue's thrilling Stardust chapter, "The Distant Horde".

Along with the latter, Issue #176 features Ms. Victory; Nightveil; She-Cat; Synn; and Tara, all brought to fast-paced life by such additional, talented writers and artists as Mark and Stephanie Heike (the respected publishers, no less); Jess Austin; Jacob Bear; Bill Black; Michael Bowers; Marco Dell Verde; Andrew Hawnt; and Walt Paisley. And feast your orbs on that dynamic Dell Barras cover!!! Whoa!!!

Order your copy today at...http://www.accomics.com/category/femforce/!!!

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