Saturday, November 26, 2016

Collectible Time #72: Jesse Lalochezia Gutierrez's Tina Double Feature

Added two new Jesse Lalochezia Gutierrez prints to my collection. They represent the ever fetching Tina from his exciting, indie-comic saga, "Tales of the Barrio". 

The first of the Tina double feature is a portrait sketch. The 11" x 14" print captures the gamut of her facial beauty, with an expression that mesmerizes as soon as it catches one's eye. Gutierrez, as one can tell, is a master at fashioning a subtle but provocative expression. His Tina portrait is an excellent example of what he can achieve, making his character tangible...alive. 

In addition to the Tina portrait, I procured a striking, rear-view print of the vixen. Her painted pose in this instance could easily pass for a sexy, slumbering damsel in a Bond film or U.N.C.L.E. episode (if nudity were prevalent), or perhaps even more so, a restful vixen in a Jess Franco or Hammer movie. The image also invokes the suggestive enticement of Paolo Serpieri, which pin-up connoisseurs will recognize and savor.

This particular cardstock print measures a 11" x 15", and as one can tell from the above image, enchants with both soothing and vibrant hues: indeed, a creation that one could gaze upon endlessly.

For prices and availability of these fine prints, feel free to contact Gutierrez at at his Bandido Studios Comics and Art page,

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