Friday, January 1, 2016


I can't praise enough the latest Airship 27 anthology from author/editor/publisher Ron Fortier. Legends of New Pulp Fiction is an incredible, jam-packed stretch of thrills, chills and action/adventure jubilation, containing 62 amazing stories, accompanied by remarkable illustrations from some of today's top pulp artists.

Both Fortier and Pro Se founder, Tommy Hancock supply entries, which beautifully represent the volume's spine-tingling fun. Fortier's stirring story, "The Hideout", features his skull-faced, undead avenger, Brother Bones; and Hancock's "The Lady Wore Vengeance" is perhaps the strangest, sensual sojourn you're ever bound to encounter. 

Proceeds for the colossal edition go to Mr. Hancock, who's been contending with CHF (congestive heart failure). He's given much to the pulp-fiction field and now needs (to paraphrase the Beatles) a little help from his friends and general admirers. Indeed, the writers and artists involved in this ambitious project have come through in a most exemplary way, and those fans wise enough to purchase Legends will be mighty pleased, if not stunned, by the gamut of creativity the volume employs.

Legends of New Pulp Fiction is available through (…/…/ref=sr_1_1…). For anyone with a taste for wondrous worlds, intense intrigue and exotic escapism, Legends not only guarantees your satisfaction, but will exceed it a hundredfold. 

(And next on the audio presentation of the massive edition from Tom Brown's Audio Archives: fated to be the ultimate of its kind!!! Stay tuned: more details to follow...)

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