Thursday, January 28, 2016

Collectible Time #52: DC Direct Green Arrow and Flash Action Figures and Funko POP! Flash

Received three additional DC superhero figures for my birthday (see "Collectible Time #51": Jan '16), commemorating Stephen Amell's Green Arrow and Grant Gustin's Flash...

The DC Direct Green Arrow was a gift from my supervisor and is a real stunner, standing 6.8" and accurately captures Amell's brooding persona. (The figure also comes with some nifty accessories, as featured above.) Through this representation, television's Oliver Queen truly lives and breathes, albeit in startling miniature form. (Say, maybe Ray "The Atom" Palmer worked some scientific magic on ol' Ollie and shrunk him down to size!)

As a companion to Green Arrow, I also obtained the DC Direct Flash: courtesy of a cluster of my congenial co-workers who gave me an Amazon gift card. The Gustin tribute also stands 6.8" and embodies the leathery, dark-crimson look of Barry Allen's superheroic alter ego. To heighten the realism, the figure captures to a tee the actor's agile form and is equipped with two, extra sets of hands to grant a variance of finger expression. Heck, he's so life-like that one would expect him to spring--or rather, zoom--right off the shelf...

Also, in thematic tune to the character, my friend Melissa F. surprised me with a Flash gift bag , which included a sharp, logo t-shirt and a DC Universe/Funko POP! figure.


Though I've purchased POP! figures for folks over the years, I never had one of my very own until now. I must say, at 3 3/4", he's a cute, little "super deformed" chap and bright as a button. (For the record, I discovered there's a darker POP! television Flash in this ongoing series, as well as a couple swell Reverse Flashes and a couple cool Captain Colds.)

Anyway, "Arrow" and "Flash" are all the rage now, and thanks to my most generous friends, I'm officially part of the collectible excitement. 

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