Saturday, January 23, 2016

Collectible Time #51: A Batman v Superman Birthday/Mattel Dawn of Justice Action Figures

My parents came through again with some wonderful "Batman v Superman" action figures for my birthday!!!

Two are packaged together, with Mattel's Ben Affleck/Dark Knight and Henry Cavill/Man of Steel positioned next to each other. (My Batman, unlike in the stock photo, has his head stationed slightly to the left, implying a tinge of dissension, I dare say.) Anyway, these DC "Mega Figures" are in tune with Hasbro's Titan Hero Marvel pieces, in their slender sculpts and 12" heights.

I also received the Mattel's 12" DC Multiverse "Dawn of Justice" Batman, which sports his silver-gray armor; as well as the 12" companion Superman, which nicely conveys the Man of Steel's bold muscularity. As you can discern from the below images, these 10-points-of-articulation representations have a bulkier look and feel to them than those of the above set.  

On the whole, my prelude movies pieces certainly make me part of in-crowd; and I guess it should go without saying that I'm excited to see these fellows interact in their upcoming, big-budget epic. (Just hope they don't stay adversarial for most of the movie; I'm a firm believer that, once Lex Luthor's trickery is exposed, Batman and Superman should become immediately close-knit.)

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