Thursday, January 14, 2016

Collectible Time #50: Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez/Adam West Batman and Boba Fett Prints

Nate "the Animal" Gonzalez has done it again, this time with two eye-popping, iconic depictions!!!

First we have an  Adam West Batman 11" x 17" portrait: a sequel of sorts to Gonzalez's Burgess Meredith Penguin sketch (see "Collectible Time #42: Oct '15) and his Cesar Romero Joker painting (see "Collectible Time #39: Sept  '15).

Gonzalez has carefully captured West's sturdy, stalwart aura with the proper glint of conviction, which would make any citizen (Gotham-based or otherwise) feel secure, while making any arch criminal cringe. I also love the overall hue on this one, including the realistic cowl sheen. 

I sure hope Gonzalez continues his Batman series. His love for the Adam West show is most evident in what he's already produced, and to see Gonzalez take on other Batman '66 characters would be a dream come true. 

Next up is the artist's brilliant Boba Fett...

Like the Batman print, Fett is an honorable 11" x 17" and presents a rich, sandy backdrop and fetching pigments that respectfully represent the character's roughened guise. The pose is also fitting, with the fearless bounty hunter geared for action, as his famous Slave I makes an explosive, rear cameo. 

Gazing upon this vibrant expanse inspires me to watch a"Star Wars" adventure, particularly "Return of the Jedi", or at the very least spring a spirited offshoot of such in my mind...

Gonzalez is an excellent, upcoming artist, and his reputation is destined to expand. You'd be wise to get in on the ground floor by purchasing copies of these or others from his impressive ensemble. 

You can touch base with the amiable Gonzalez at Facebook, under his name, where a gallery of his work can be viewed. You'll be most impressed!!!

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