Saturday, October 10, 2015


My Facebook friend, T.L. Mack has fashioned a wondrous, poetic, faerie tale entitled, EVALEE. Along with her rhythmic text, the magazine-sized, paperback edition features gorgeous illustrations by Jonathan and Lola Myers (see Collectible Time #33: Aug '15, regarding Jonathan's work).

The story is sweet, wistful and a joy to experience for children and adults alike, offering a lonely, little princess named Evalee, who yearns to play among the "children of the court", but is restricted by her parents, the king and queen of Portune, for her own safety and good. In an effort to join the children, Evalee embarks on a bold, "Oz"-like journey, encountering faeries, some some strange, some friendly, and in the end, a valuable lesson is learned by all.  

Mack's text is sweeping, jubilant and well suited to parents who enjoy reading to their young.

Also, the Myers' artwork is as splendid as one can imagine, brimming of color and majesty, on a par with Brian Froud's "Faeries" and the Brothers Hildebrandt's Tolkien tributes. Additionally, each page is framed by fanciful fringe (as evidenced below) making the images ever more endearing. 

I recommend this labor of love to those who appreciate adventurous fantasy, and EVALEE will surely make a splendid gift, considering the holiday season is nearing. (Copies are presently available through Amazon. Make your purchase while the opportunity is at hand, and let yourself, or a loved one, be bedazzled.)

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