Friday, October 16, 2015


That author Nick Cato has succeeded in creating a new blaxploitation film in novella form is no small feat. 

In less capable hands, an intended homage such as "Uptown Death Squad" may have fallen flat on its face. However, Cato knows his stuff, as is evidenced by his story's dedication and "best of" movie list. The latter ranges from "Black Gestapo" to "Black Godfather": pretty spiffy foundations to base a new tale... 

Cato's story takes place in 1975 and centers on a Vietnam Vet named Ronald "Big Ron" Washington III: a no-nonsense Fred Williamson type dude who returns to his Harlem home base. However, a short time after his arrival, he finds his mother dead. It appears her death is a consequence of his brother, Lester's actions. Lester has gotten in deep with drug-dealing, and the merciless Mafia has moved in. Vengeful Big Ron will have none of it, though. At all costs, he intends to set things straight and purge his turf of the invaders. 

To do so, he assembles a small vigilante squad from his old neighborhood. To combat the enemy doesn't prove easy, of course, but that doesn't stop the gang from taking it to the max, in what leads to a gritty confrontation, capped by a nasty surprise. 

Cato's writing is crisp, fast and stylish. His characters are unpretentiously rough, righteous and never stoop to self-parody. You believe in their cause and root for them. 

Alas, movie companies don't make stuff like this anymore, but thanks to Cato, we at least have his literary vision to savor. 

Incidentally, "Uptown Death Squad" is published by Dynatox Ministries and is currently available through Storenvy. Don't be a jive turkey. Order your copy today. Cato's tale is guaranteed to ignite one helluva hip movie in your head!!! 


  1. Thank you for the heads up
    I am going to try and make a purchase

    1. You'll be glad you did, Jim. You'll find "Uptown..." to be loads of wild fun.

  2. You're welcome, Nick. Thanks for fashioning such an entertaining tale.