Thursday, October 15, 2015

Collectible Time #43: Polar Lights Alien/Kane Kit and Dragon Iron Man 3 XXLII Prepainted Model

Got a real elusive one, thanks to my pals at Z&Z Hobbies...

It's Polar Lights' "Alien/Executive Officer Kane" diorama kit!!! Here we have John Hurt's ill-fated explorer, kneeling before the ominous egg that will discharge that ferocious facehugger, in one of the film's most startling scenes.

This doom-to-be masterpiece measures roughly 6" x 14". Be warned: it's a high-end, resin kit and designed for experienced modelers only, but any "Alien" aficionado should consider it a must-have!!

...And as a classy supplement to the above procurement, Z&Z also supplied me another pre-painted Dragon "Iron Man 3" model: the Mark XXLII. 

This 1:9 scale piece is oh-so-slick, but then that's always the case with Dragon's Tony Stark tributes. The pose (rendered through minimal assembly) is superb, making it a dynamic companion piece to the pre-painted Midas XXI (see "Collectible Time #34: Aug '15). 

Dragon is producing some real sharp ones, and its Marvel series remains one of the best going. Sure hope the company continues its regal spree.

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