Friday, April 10, 2015

Daredevil Rises...Again!!!

Commenced with "Marvel's Daredevil", courtesy of Netflix, and man, it's pretty good: dark and somber, that is, as it well should be. Charlie Cox is impressive as the menacing, blind attorney/avenger Matt Murdock, and though the devilish costume doesn't figure into the start (beyond the opening credits, anyway), it looks like it'll satisfy once it becomes the norm. Evidently, Vincent D'Onofrio is entering the story line as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin, which is another plus.

Anyway, it's about time another live-action Daredevil came our way, and I'm happy as a lark this one appears to be making more than the grade!!!


  1. Moving right along on the show, and on an emotional level, it sure does shine. It did, however, present a nagging flaw (or at least a major drawback) in one of the later episodes. Kingpin would never gain physical leverage over the Man Without Fear--period.The series loses a point there. At least its analysis of good and evil remains impressive. I'm confident such will continue to carry the adventure.

  2. Very pleased with the series finale, which nearly erases my complaint in the prior "reply". We even got the official suit at long last! Cox is a damn good Murdock/Daredevil, I must say, and again, D'Onofrio is tip-top as Fisk/Kingpin: a blending of Tony Soprano and Tor Johnson, with a texturing of "Walking Dead'"s Governor. (He also reflects the most hypocritical of modern politicians: a phony charity peddler, swooning the media to get away with his crimes.) The series also concentrates on the distinction between good and bad (and as you know, I'm rather a fanatic when it comes to that analysis). Looking forward to the next season; I only hope it's not a long wait. This one deserves a fast continuation, and now with the actual Daredevil suit figuring into the action, it can only be a win-win.

  3. Just read the second season is due sometime in 2016. That the story will continue is satisfying enough, I suppose, plus considering the way time does fly...