Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Collectible Time #22: Titan Hero Tech Hulk/Hulk Buster and Gary Shipman Hulk Print

As a further warm-up to "Age of Ultron", I decided to go for several new Hulk items.

First up (to go along with my Titan Hero Tech Captain America, referenced in Collectible Time "21) is the Mark Ruffalo 12" Hulk. When you press Hulk's tummy, he grunts such cool things as "Hulk crush tin man", "Hulk's the strongest" and "Hulk smash puny robot", along with a series of calamitous sound effects. The facial structure is certainly Ruffalo, and in keeping with comic-book tradition, the sculpt is both imposing and enraged. 

To interact with the Hulk, I also purchased the 13" Titan Hero Tech Hulk Buster. In essence, Hulk Buster is a pumped-up version of Iron Man, right down to an expansion of Tony Stark's trademark coloring. 

In addition to the figure's "jackhammer" punch activation, lights and sound effects, it spouts such phrases as "Avengers assemble", "Hulk Buster powering up" and "Oh, yeah, this is power". When set to interact with the Hulk figure, it says things like "Whoa, big guy," "Hulk, stop tearing up my armor" and (my personal favorite) "Bruce, it's time to calm down". 

Hulk Buster is quite a fine looking hunk of plastic, and for the $40 price range, well worth the purchase. (I'm also certain that many a kid--and adult--will have fun staging these two figures against each other.)

Next up is a rippling 11" x 17" Gary Shipman Hulk print (a nice addition to the Cap and Winter Soldier prints, also referenced in Collectible Time #21). Due to Gary's immense talent, this representation aptly captures the Hulk's imposing muscularity and rage-wrought expression: a fine salute if ever there was one to the big, green fighting machine. 

The above gives one some insight of Shipman's impressive design, but in no way captures the full fury that the piece invokes when one sees it in person. The same can also be said of the Cap/Bucky prints. (If you have a chance, do yourself a favor and check out the Esty site for more awe-inspiring Shipman prints.) 

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  1. My first Shipman print is that of Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry. Startling likeness to actor/character. Indeed, check out Shpman's material. You'll be beyond impressed, beyond drawn in--ain't no doubt about it.