Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fox's Sleepy Hollow Season 1 Finale

Got real anxious to post on the "Bad Blood" installment of Fox's very monster-based "Sleepy Hollow". The episode (the finale of the initial season) is exceptionally alternate-reality oriented. More precisely it grazes upon Bradbury's famous "Martian Chronicles" installment, "The Earth Men", while subtly implanting a decent dash of the Nexus concept from "Star Trek: Generations". In essence, Ichabod and Abbey enter Purgatory, and this version of the latter surely toys with one's mind, causing one to rekindle and sequelize sentimental parts of one's past--with of course, potential dire consequences.

John ("Fringe") Noble is especially effective in this installment. His presence as the "Sin Eater" has proven a welcome one to the popular series, even if his character's motive has been revealed as something other than what we were led to believe. That's okay. I, for one, always enjoy surprises.

Anyway, check out the episode if you can. For that matter, check out the entire season. If you like the likes of "Kolchak: the Night Stalker", "X-Files"..."Grimm" (and yarns that simultaneously pay homage to Washington Irving's classic tale, as well as presenting a supernatural take on the American Revolution), you'll find "Sleepy Hollow" every bit your cup of tea. 


  1. I read last week that John Noble has been picked up as a series regular! He alone, is worth watching this show.

  2. John Noble brings loads of class to whatever he's in; he'll be a superb regular on "Sleepy Hollow" for certain!