Thursday, January 23, 2014

Collectible Time #2 - Flying Saucer Model Kit

Here's another nifty styrene kit I recently purchased from Z&Z: a George Adamski Flying Saucer!

The model is actually structured after Adamski's famous1952 photo, which was apparently debunked by a German scientist (look it up if you have a chance, and maybe even delve into Adamski's claim to have met with Orthon, the Venusian). Whether real or fabricated, it's sure an impressive looking craft and a most interesting subject for a kit. (Fans who fancy the saucer designs for "Devil Girl From Mars" and television's "The Invaders" might appreciate this one.)

Anyway, the manufactuer is named Atlantis; the model goes for about $40. (It would be neat if Atlantis would do a kit based on the legendary Kenneth Arnold design! I'd certainly jump at that.)

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