Friday, January 24, 2014

Collectible Time #3 - Spider-man, Batman for my Birthday!

For my birthday, got a couple more cool superhero collectibles, and so naturally, just wanted to share.

My in-laws, Faith and Ned, were most gracious to send me
a wood-based plaque reproduction of the famous, Wein/Romita/Andru "Amazing Spider-man #151" cover. It measures roughly 13" x 19": a pretty impressive scale in my estimation. As you can see from the grand design, the artwork is quite eye-catching, but then of course, the red/blue color scheme of classic Spidey has never failed to draw one in, even in a dark, brooding, water-crashing context. The contrast here is undeniably aesthetically pleasing!

My young co-workers surprised me with the below Batman figure: a stunning entry in the recent Kotobukiya DC Justice League line-up. The piece comes in an appealing, predominately clear plastic container and stands about 8". The detail on this one is arguably even grander than the fine image may convey, playing upon a black/silvery-gray format for the chiseled armor. In my opinion, this is one of the finest Cape Crusader representations currently available.

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