Saturday, June 10, 2017


You were my hero when I was a little boy and remained such through these many decades. Your version of Batman taught me how to dream big dreams, to be a good see the world as a colorful and exciting place. Because of your series, my mind opened to other forms of fantasy and adventure--none of which would have happened if you had not made such an enormous impression on my life. 

No matter where you appeared, Mr. West, you were always the real deal, whether rubbing elbows with the Three Stooges in "The Outlaws Is Coming" or Sammy Davis in "Poor Devil", indulging in a "Zombie Nightmare" or crossing paths with the wholesome "Lois and Clark", the curvaceous "Black Scorpion" or the somber "Robinson Crusoe on Mars". I can still recall how I excited I was to find you in the great Karloff's "Voodoo Island"; hosting the offbeat anthology, "Tales from Beyond"; and let's not forget that harrowing "sand shark" encounter on "The Outer Limits".

I'll miss you with all my heart and especially savor that wonderful moment when you visited Rider College in the '80s: without question, the fondest memory of my young adulthood. Gosh, it still puts me on top of the world just to think that I was in your awesome presence!!! 

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  1. So nice to see West on "Powerless", in one of his final performances: