Sunday, June 25, 2017

Preacher Returns: AMC Blesses Season 2

The initial season of Sam Caitlin/Evan Goldberg/Seth Rogan's "Preacher", based on the DC/Vertigo's cult comic by Steve Dillon and Garth Ennis, ended on a "Star Trek V"/"If you're God..." dangler. As AMC leads us into Season 2, an alleged, richer exploration regarding the Lord's whereabouts begins. 

In truth, the series now becomes more of an official road trip of sorts, but then even when stationary, "Preacher" had that kind of feel. Its characters, after all, always seemed to be in search of something, if not new, bizarre scenarios, than certainly their places in life. 

Again leading the ensemble is the "Genesis blessed" Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), who's accompanied by his gutsy gal, Tulip O'Hare (Ruth Negga); his tipsy vampire buddy, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), and the woeful but sincere Arseface (Ian Colietti).

To propel the headliners along, Graham McTavish's mysterious Cowboy (aka The Saint of Killers) is on their trail, fringed by regulars portrayed by Anatol Yusef; Tom Brooke; W. Earl Brown; Julie Ann Emery; Lucy Griffiths; Noah Taylor; Pip Torrens; Derek Wilson; and the always fascinating Jackie Earle Haley.  

The first season's storytelling sometimes felt sadistic, but then such was rather characteristic of the DC/Vertigo comic. Still, it would be nice to see Season 2 plunge more seriously into its mystical concerns and leave the wise-ass humor behind. (On the other hand, I once thought "Army of Darkness" would have played better straight than snarky, but have since revised my opinion...)

All the same, the atmospheric flow of Season 2 could, indeed, make or break the show, but before a decision for renewal comes, we at least have a hardy thirteen episodes to digest. If the series maintains its fan base (and its voice is heard via letter, email and the like), Season 3 seems pretty much guaranteed. 

For now, Custer's weird trek recommences Sunday, June 25, following (for better or worse) AMC's lackluster "Fear the Walking Dead"; thereafter, it'll be stationed on Mondays at 9 pm, where it has a better chance of expanding its viewership.


  1. The series works better as an "On the Road" takeoff. I really wish this format had been adapted sooner. It's richer, more interesting.

    1. BTW: "The Wizard of Gore" element in "Mumbai Sky Tower" was a nice, grisly touch.