Thursday, June 22, 2017


For those excited about Erik Franklin and Daniel Husser's "Brother Bones--the Undead Avenger" movie, there's now a chance (via Amazon Prime) to view the creative duo's earlier, fantasy endeavor..."Revenge of the Lost"!!!

Directed by Franklin, who co-wrote with Husser, "Revenge of the Lost" is a sprawling tale set in modern times: an alternate-reality romp, that is, where dinosaurs have returned to ravage the earth. In the heart of the monstrous chaos, desperate survivalists trek to a military base, only to learn that the flesh-feasting behemoths pale in comparison to the furtive ferocity that lurks behind the scenes.

"Revenge of the Lost" takes Michael Crichton's "Jurassic Park" concept one step beyond what we find in the novels and big-budget movies, which have only ever teased fans with the prospect of an actual global, dinosaur invasion. The Franklin-Husser Entertainment LLC production is, therefore, a dream come true for those who've yearned for such a logical expansion, but the film also presents significant and realistic characterizations and set-ups, similar to what one finds in George A. Romero's acclaimed "Dead" franchise. In other words, this film isn't merely a series of dinosaur attacks, but rather an epic of imaginative, identifiable depth. 

The cast helps make the concept credible, with Franklin doing a sterling job as Ray O'Brien: a resourceful, former police officer who must maintain his sanity as the terror escalates. He's joined by Ivey Bronwen as Michelle Dixon; Erika Chang as Commander Knight; Matt White as Rico Wilder; Jerry Nash as Jeremy White; Lawrence Ratliff as Corporal North; Grace Xie as Dr. Price; and Jay G. Hill as Dr. Winston. Each plays a pivotal part in the adventure, creating convincing bridges between the well staged action sequences.We end up caring for these people, never wishing to see them perish, even if their chances for survival appear dim. 

Do yourself a favor and give this fine production a view at ...

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It would be wonderful if Franklin-Husser Entertainment could make its next excursion the first, true-blue, New Pulp movie ever made. It's not so far-fetched an idea, either, considering that these capable filmmakers have committed themselves to the honorable task. 

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