Wednesday, February 1, 2017


FEMFORCE #177 is here, with sultry action and imaginative hijinks to set one's soul a-soarin'!!! And our fantastic ladies of action are back on board: the Atomic Blonde; Dinosaur Girl; Firebeam; Kamalfa; Ms. Victory; Nightveil; Rei; She-Cat; Stardust; Stormy Tempest; Roberta Strock; Synn...Tara!!! Oh, boy!!!

My talented friends, Rock Baker and Mark Holmes, again act as significant contributors to the Mark and Stephanie Heike/AC Comics series. 

Baker supplies the lay-out for Mark Heike's "translucent" tale, "Girl on Fire", in addition to co-penciling the imagery with Heike; Baker also gives us another colossal, heart-pounding Dinosaur Girl yarn, entitled "Legacy", where the cute curves go as high as the sky. 

Holmes gives us the electrifying storyline for the far-out "White Out", with spellbinding artwork by Scott Shriver; Holmes also grants us the swell, cosmic concept for "Thrilling Science", with interstellar artwork by David Matsuoka, and believe me, no space odyssey has ever been quite so fetching. 

I may be biased, but I gotta say, I adore Baker and Holmes' imaginative flair. They have similar, moral mindsets and a definite inclination regarding what's appealing and fun. Above all, their get-the-job-done, storytelling skills stir the right, all-American fervor: a throwback style to the way comics were once told, with an unapologetic slant favoring right over wrong, plus lots of high-flying adventure. (I guess, in that regard, the Heikes deserve top credit, not only for enlisting Baker and Holmes, but for producing reasonably priced issues that are consistently jammed with provocative gems. Most importantly, with AC Comics you never need worry about a Femforce agent jumping ship to join Hydra!!! Hallelujah for that!!!)

The rest of #177's contributors make an equally impressive lot, delivering the tantalizing thrills each in his own distinct way. Indeed, Jeff Austin; Jacob Bear; Marco Della Verde; Daniel P. Gorman; Andrew Haunt; David Matsuoka; Joseph A. Michael; Francesco Savi; and Scott Shriver deserve a round of hardy applause for their efforts: a most creative group of guys if ever there was one. 

To boot, let's not overlook that powerful, Bear cover: a fine tribute to Firebeam's blazing beauty and a perfect fit for this stupendous issue on the whole!!! Oh, and then there's that wild back cover: a colorful, monsterized, Atomic Blonde representation by Gorman that's sure to make one's eyes pop!!!

Seize the sexy excitement of #177 by visiting your local comic-book shop today!!!

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