Monday, February 6, 2017

Collectible Time #81: Lanard King Kong 18" Walmart Exclusive Mega-Figure

I kept visiting and looking about the various Walmarts in my area to find an 18" Lanard Toys King Kong Mega-Figure, but to no avail, and then when I thought all hope was lost--eureka!--my eyes fell upon one, and of course, I snatched it as fast as Kong would Ann Darrow. 

The Mega-Figure is exclusive to Walmart and ties to the upcoming "Kong: Skull Island" movie. As a Kong fan, no matter what his incarnation, it was essential that I have this version for my collection.

The design of the this new Kong is intended as a throwback to the Marcel Delgado '33 version, but I still see much of the '05 silverback variant in it, as well. Whatever the case, from what I can discern, this 18" toy is pretty much on target with what the "Skull Island" trailer features.

The figure also comes with a 4" weapon-equipped soldier; in addition, the packaging is quite colorful, but doesn't steal from Kong if one should choose to leave the big guy strapped in. 

As far as articulation goes, each arm is jointed in two sections and the hands, feet and head are movable, but otherwise the model is one big hunk of hollow (though muscularly sculpted) plastic. Alas, the seams are detectable if one looks hard enough, but the brownish gray "hair" conceals much of that in most sources of light. The face, above all, is a stunner, with the eyes, teeth, gums and tongue projecting realistic textures. The Skullcrawler scratches on Kong's chest are also a nice touch, though the figure is flawed by four, conspicuous, mold holes on his back: the sort that sometimes characterizes such toys. Oh, well...

On the whole, though, the piece is impressive, but I'm glad to have found it in a store, as opposed to having paid some insane, scalper price through Amazon or Ebay. If one plays one's cards right (i.e., is in the right place at the right time), the 18" Kong goes for a reasonable $30: a steal for such an imposing representation. 

Anyhow, thanks to good ol' Mega Kong, I'm now even more psyched for the movie; March 10th can't come soon enough!!!

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