Friday, February 24, 2017


Can't express the wondrous extent that your "Friday the 13th: the Series" ("Friday's Curse") adventures enchanted me. As Jack Marshak, you emerged as a mature and insightful leader to Louise Robey's Micki, John D. LeMay's Ryan and Steve Monarque's Johnny. You tracked down each and every cursed object with an air of compassionate skill, making the circumstances (no matter how fanciful or outlandish) feel credible and engaging. In addition to presenting a memorable, paternal aura to television's "Swiss Family Robinson", your vocal talent blessed the likes of Batman, Spider-man and Thor, as well as distinguishing such superb, science-fiction/adventure fare as "Johnny Chase"; "Rocket Robin Hood"; "Star Wars: Droids; and "Star Wars: Ewoks". May you find peace and joy wherever you roam, knowing full well that among your legion of fans, you'll be both deeply missed and immeasurably remembered. 

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