Thursday, July 7, 2016


Here it is, folks: my pulp-hero, adventure novel from Airship 27: 

Trouble in Brink Town--It is 1938 in Brink Town, NJ, and a mayoral campaign is underway. What the citizens are unaware of is that their little hamlet has become the target of a demonic cult known as the Ministry of Chaotic Command and they are sponsoring a candidate who is in actuality a demonic being. But before the servants of evil can unleash their horror, Brink Town's leading businessman, Michael Mansford, is spirited away to a mystical realm that exists between life and death. There he is recruited as an angel of the Light by a supernatural being calling himself Mr. Surrogate. Surrogate bestows upon Mansford a magical golden mask. Upon donning this grim false-face, Mansford is transformed into a powerful mystic who will become known as the Persona. His task, to expose Hell's secret invasion, and defeat the Demon Monster that threatens all he loves and holds dear. But can he succeed? To do so he will have to sublimate his own identify and become this new and relentless warrior, THE PERSONA.

The novel is graced by the above cover artwork by Shannon Hall, interiors by Art Cooper and a back-cover design by Rob Davis.

For those interested, the novel is now available for purchase in paperback at   

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