Sunday, July 31, 2016


AC Comics' FEMFORCE #175 has hit the scene, and gosh oh gee, is it ever a stimulating blast!!!

The historic issue features some of the finest talents on the comic scene today: Mark and Stephanie Heike; Jeff Austin; E.T. Dollman; Andrew Hawnt; Francesco Savi; Gianluca Cerritelli; Dan Gorman; Leonardo Martena; Scott Shriver; and my dear Facebook buddies, Rock Baker; Mark Holmes; and Jim Johnston. (I'm so proud to know these guys; the care and depth they invest in their artwork and/or storytelling is meticulous and heartfelt.) 

Of course, we again have those gorgeous, fighting females: Dinosaur Girl; Nightveil; Rad; She-Cat; Synn; Tara; Ms. Victory; and Zazurra. Yes, all darn good reasons to ogle and droll, but as is the FEMFORCE tradition, their tales are character-driven, with refreshing, moral slants.

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