Saturday, July 16, 2016


AFTER HOURS: Episode 2 is now available for viewing on YouTube.

Perhaps you caught my initial assessment of Michael and Jennifer Ferentino's experimental-music series (June '16), where I praised its retro-MTV aura and anthology-show format. 

I'm pleased to report that Episode 2 offers the same wondrous, arcane ingredients, with Mr. Ferentino's sophisticated presence standing in for Rod Serling, John Newland and Alfred Hitchcock, as he introduces some of the most innovative examples of sight, sound and mind available today. 

This particular installment caters to Raffaele Pezzella's Sonologyst: the fabulous content of which jives with Bedtime for Robots and Tangerine Dream. In this regard, Pezzella's presented audio works come across as stimulating and in their own offbeat way, relaxing. Also, the flashing/pulsating visuals fit the stirring sounds: snippets of mad dreams caught on film, if you will. On this basis,  AFTER HOURS demonstrates that Sonologyst stands as a mind-bending force to be reckoned with and above all, revisited whenever a hankering for the unique and peculiar should surface. 

Episode 2 also features a Bedtime for Robots short called "Home": disquieting in its atmospheric (and horror-based) complexity. Trust me on this: Just for the raw imagery alone, this graceful "nightmare" will stay with you long after you've viewed it. (To accompany such, there's also the smashing inclusion of Ferentino's marvelously demented "Motorcycle Death Song" to accentuate the esoteric mood.)

Indeed, as far as new programs go, AFTER HOURS is hands down the best going on YouTube or any other source today. Check out the June and July entries when you have the chance. Your brainwaves will never be the same: good reason to rejoice!!!


  1. Thank you beyond words for your support, Michael!

    1. It's the least I can do, Michael. As always, you're giving us something beyond special; it deserves to be acknowledged.