Thursday, June 9, 2016

Collectible Time #60: Lindberg's Mad Maestro Model Kit Reissue

Thanks to good, ol' Z&Z Hobbies, I got another nostalgic reissue...Lindberg's Mad Maestro!!!

This 1:8 scale kit is in tune with the Big Daddy Roth craze of the '60s, where similar comedic, monster kits populated hobby shelves.

The re-release is a big deal among collectors, since the Maestro made but a brief appearance in '65. (Also, the original release fetches monstrous prices, whenever one resurfaces.)

Mad Maestro is extra special among such characterizations, possessing motorized action (i.e., his head, arms and right foot move when activated). The kit also comes with the required, orchestral equipment and customizing "hair" to accentuate Maestro's odd aura. 

Kids today don't understand the fun that these crazy caricatures generated in their time, but thanks to Maestro's re-release, we old folks can at long last re-taste their imaginative flavor. 

Mad Maestro sells for about $25-$30 at most retail stores: a most reasonable fee for such a clever creation. 

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