Saturday, June 4, 2016


BLOKE'S TERRIBLE TOMB OF TERROR #14 is here, and jeepers creepers, it's a dandy!!! Heck, Mike Hoffman's exotic cover alone is enough to put one under an eternal spell. 

This latest installment in Jason "the Bloke" Crawley's ongoing horror-hosted anthology features such chillingly titled tales as "Coma"; "Dealings with the Dead"; "The Legacy"; "Saucers Among Us!"; "Share and Share Alike"; and "Treat 'Em Right". The contents are rendered by such talented individuals as Jeff Austin; Christian Andres Baez; Keith Braun;Emanuel Derna; Mike Hoffman; Von Crawlhoff; Salvador Lopez; Rob Moran; Alex Ogalla; Juan Carlos Abraldes Rendo; Carlos Valenzuela; and of course, the always wickedly imaginative Crawley.

As a result of participating in Crawley's Kickstarter campaign to make #14 a reality, I also received some superb collectibles, as you can see below. (The t-shirt features the atmospheric cover from Terrible Tomb's 3rd Monster-Sized Collection: see Oct '15.)

TOMB is a worthy, creative endeavor to support, whether through generous funds or simply by purchasing issues through Etsy and Amazon. 

Issue #14 beckons you to enter its diabolical pages and become immersed in its unsettling delights. Don't delay--order your copy today!!!

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