Sunday, May 15, 2016


Here it is folks: from the imaginative mind of Ash Arceneaux...the cover for my upcoming Caliburn Press novella...THE HYDE SEED!!! (As you may recall, Arceneaux created the creepy cover for my monster-rally tale, FLASK OF EYES.)

Arceneaux's imagery for THE HYDE SEED represents my lead character well: a rising welterweight called Pepe Rodriguez, who throws it all away in the name of unrequited love...well, more or less. Pepe, like most of us, struggles with an inner demon: a spawn of heartbreak and self-doubt, which in his case, springs from out his battered brain to establish its own insidious existence.

Can Rodriguez defeat the horrid thing he's sown? Only time will tell, but until my Robert Louis Stevenson tribute reaches print, I trust Arceneaux's wicked artwork will more than than fill the gap. 

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