Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Collectible Time #58: Hasbro 12" Titan Hero Tech War Machine and Mattel Dawn of Justice Batmobile

Nailed a Hasbro Titan Hero Tech 12" War Machine!!! 

The Don Cheadle/"Rhodey" Rhodes representation is a neat companion piece to the Titan Hero Tech Anthony Mackie/Falcon figure (see "Collectible Time #57": April '16) and is one of the best, inexpensive versions of the Iron Man's pal presently available, selling for about $20 - $25 at most department stores. 

Like other Titan Hero Tech figures, this "Civil War" entry sports 5 points of articulation. In addition to light-activated eyes (and nifty weaponry), War Machine elicits zooming/zapping sounds and utters such dynamic declarations as "Nice Shooting, Tony!"; "Let's do this"; and "War Machine reporting in!"

On the whole, it's the most aesthetically pleasing in the Titan Tech series, and I'm honored to own it. 

Also, as a companion piece to the Moebius/Affleck "Batman v Superman" Batmobile model kit (see "Collectible Time #56": April '16), I purchased Mattel's 15" "Dawn of Justice" Epic Strike toy counterpart. 

The Mattel version exudes a subdued brownish hue, comes with two Kryptonite trigger-launch missiles and features breakaway parts to reveal its rich, detailed circuitry. (The vehicle can also accommodate most 6" Batman/DC action figures.)

Like War Machine, this "Dawn of Justice" entry is one of the best going for the price, running about $20-$30 at most chains. Without question, if one desires a pre-constructed representation of the latest Batmobile, this is the one to get!!!

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