Monday, May 9, 2016


Jesse Gutierrez succeeds again with "Behind the Panels": a superb "gossip and rumors" supplement, which grants us a tour of the famed Bandido Studios, hosted by the enticing Erika Adams and featuring the tantalizing Tina and the adorable Q.T. Pie. 

This special edition offers plenty of Gutierrez's biting humor, granting us further insight into his Barrio Blues mythology. It also presents the expected, wide range of quirky characters. I, for one, had tons of fun reading and revisiting the various parts of the comedic romp--and of course, getting more than an eyeful of those lovely ladies.

If you're a connoisseur of Gutierrez's unique blend of movie-inspired storytelling, "Behind the Panels" is guaranteed to tickle your fancy; so hop on board and order your copy today.

You can touch base with Gutierrez through Facebook, under "Jesse Lalochezia Gutierrez" or "Bandido Studios Comics and Art", where other examples of his scintillating work can be found.

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