Sunday, April 17, 2016

SyFy's 12 Monkeys Swings to '44!!!

SyFy's series adaptation of Terry Gilliam's acclaimed "12 Monkeys" (see "Time Travel Time #10": Jan '15), which in its own right is based on Chris Marker's classic short, "La Jetee", enters its second season (April 19), but this time, the adventure is more than an extension of the original. Once things get rolling, the second-season  will lead to (or rather back to) 1944, where the mysterious 12 Monkeys organization will be "using time against itself". 

As to what that means, only time will tell, but the show's principles are at least back: Aaron Stanford as James Cole; Amanda Schull as Cassandra Railly; Emily Hampshire as Jennifer Goines; and Kirk Acevedo as Jose Ramse. As a special treat, Madeleine Stowe, costar of the '95 movie, is also set to appear.

I give SyFy ample credit for permitting the eventual nostalgic stretch, which will distinguish it from the initial season and of course, the films upon which it's based, while (I'm assuming) not getting too far removed from the established concept.

Time-travel tales seem more popular than ever, and it's therefore only fitting that "12 Monkeys" be a prime source to carry the torch. Season 2 will also give us, albeit in a roundabout way, a quasi-sequel to Gilliam's odd vision, and for better or worse, that in itself makes this extension worthy of curious probing. 


  1. Was sure hoping for a quicker leap to the '40s. Not too happy, as it stands, but we'll see what surfaces with later episodes. "Year of the Monkey" is still a fine enough chapter; I just feel misled.

  2. Well, Season 2 is sure taking its sweet time to get to '44, but it's getting there. It's also nice to latch onto this stretch coming off the heels of 11.22.63, considering the coinciding intents of its leads.

    Don't really know what to expect yet with this season, but I'm hoping it won't disappoint once it gets where it's supposed to be. Got my fingers crossed it won't be too much longer.

  3. "One Hundred Years" got us on track, I'm pleased to say. Like how this is playing. The only thing is, Cole looks a tad shabby for '44; really needs a shave and haircut.

    1. Well, what do ya know? "Emergence" addressed Cole's shabby appearance. It was only a matter of time, though.

      Good episode on the whole, especially for Ramse. He really shined in this one.

  4. We're into the '70s now on "12 Monkeys", which is cool. I like it. However, it's odd that this period wasn't publicized as much as the '40s sojourn.

    Truly, I can't wrap my head around the promotion for Season 2. The promise of various time sectors would have worked well enough to ensure an audience. Why not have publicized them all?