Tuesday, April 19, 2016


It's time to share some thrilling news...

Airship 27 publisher, Ron Fortier, recently posted a "shout out" on Facebook for my upcoming pulp-hero novel, "Enter--the Persona!" The post includes a stunning sketch from Canadian artist, Art Cooper, which depicts lead characters, Michael Mansford and Stacy Standish, heading to town in a spiffy Packard.

Actually, Cooper has completed a series of nine sketches, which will now be inked and included in my adventure, which pays homage to such '30s/'40s heroes as the Shadow and Green Hornet, as well as the Steve Ditko/Marvel favorite, Stephen Strange. 

The set-up goes as follows: Michael Mansford, an affluent thirty-three-year-old eccentric and owner of Blessed Tidings Cemetery, is told by the caretaker that pagan-like people have been spotted about the grounds during the nocturnal hours. Though the caretaker assures Mansford he has scared off the intruders, the young entrepreneur is inclined to scope the surroundings himself. What develops will forever alter him in body and mind, for he will soon be transformed into the mystical, white-masked crusader called the Persona…

I'm most excited about the publication's continued development and will share additional information as it soon as it comes available!

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