Saturday, April 16, 2016

Collectible Time #57: JAKKS 19" Wonder Woman and Hasbro 12" Titan Hero Tech Falcon

Finally found a JAKKS 19" Gal Godot Wonder Woman action figure at my local ToysRUs Express!!!

She's sure a beauty: sculpted so well that she appears to have stepped right out of "Batman v Superman". I must say, this lifelike quality is common among JAKKS figures, whether we're dealing with DC, Marvel, "Godzilla"..."Star Wars".

I'm still hoping for a 31" Godot Wonder Woman, but heck, the scale here is still impressive and for a meager $20, I'm in no position to complain.

And in keeping with controversial, superhero rifts, on the same visit I also purchased Hasbro's Anthony Mackie 12" Titan Hero Tech Falcon figure. 

This particular representation is, of course, part of the "Captain America: Civil War" line. When one presses the panel on Sam Wilson's chest, he unleashes cool, swooshing/zapping sounds and such snappy statements as "Nice one, Cap!"; "It's time to fly"; and "We got them on the ropes". 

The sturdy piece sports five points of articulation, comes with attachable wings, and goes for about $20-$25 at most retail chains. 

Sure pleased to have these super-sharp additions in my ever expanding superhero collection!!!

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