Friday, December 25, 2015

Collectible Time #48: A Return of the Fly Christmas

I know it's not a hot-off-the-shelf item, but I've always had a hankerin' for Majestic's "Return of the Fly" 12" action figure. 

Well, thanks to Santa (i.e., my parents), I got one, and it's all I anticipated and more. What a swell representation! It even comes with a spiffy base which features a spilled beaker; a wee fly with human head; and chilling nameplate.

"Return of the Fly" is a pretty good sequel, though made for a much smaller budget than the original and shot in black-and-white. Still, it utilizes its theme well,  concentrating on Andre Delambre's son, Phillipe (Brett Halsey) in the fated lead, with a much larger head than his dad's, as you can see. 

In synch with this swell figure, my wife gifted me a "Return of the Fly" British, lobby-card t-shirt (obtained from Filmfax Magazine). Check out the image below. Sharp, eh?

Can't wait for warmer weather to don it, but whom am I kiddin'? I'm bound to slip it on in advance, if only to relish how cool I'll look in the mirror.

Yep, I must say I'm feelin' quite fulfilled and most grateful for this special "Return of the Fly" Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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