Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Collectible Time #47: JAKKS 18" R2-D2 Action Figure and Force Awakens Plush Blanket

Thanks to my parents, I received an early Christmas present and swell lead-in to "Star Wars: Episode VII"...

It's the JAKKS 18" R2-D2!!!

The figure is equipped with movable legs and a quasi-rotational dome. 

This one's a great addition to my other jumbo JAKKS "Star Wars" figures and in scale to the series' 18" Yoda (see "Collectible Time #41": Oct '15). 

Right now, this particular R2-D2 is a tad elusive, though it's starting to make increased rounds at various department stores. Indeed, a nicely detailed piece and for the price ($40-$50), a wise investment.

Also, as yet another advance "Star Wars" Christmas gift, my dear friend, Melissa F. surprised me with a spectacular "Force Awakens" plush blanket, featuring Kylo Ren (with his distinct saber searing the scene), accompanied by various past-and-present "Star Wars" favorites.

The blanket measures a practical 50" x 60" and is ideally suited for staying comfy and adventurous all at the same time. A handy work of art if ever there was such!!!

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