Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Collectible Time #46: Gary Shipman Spock-TMP Print and Illustrated Fun with Kirk and Spock

I was about due to for another Gary Shipman print and nailed a powerful 11" x 17" tribute to Leonard Nimoy as Spock, precisely as he appeared upon entering the Enterprise bridge in "Star Trek--The Motion Picture". 

Shipman carefully captures the concealed, Hamlet-like torture that Spock harbors before his eventual mind meld with V'ger. Personally, I believe this to be one of Shipman's finest homages, in its subtlety and graceful detail. It's also a fitting acknowledgment of Nimoy, who left us only a few short months ago. 

The print is presently available through Etsy.

To accompany the print, I also obtained another Shipman "Trek" tribute: a mock children's book, of all peculiar things. 

The book (published by Cedar Mill Press) is entitled "Fun with Kirk and Spock" and was penned in the "Dick and Jane" vein by the talented Robb Pearlman, who places our stalwart duo in various tongue-in-cheek scenarios.

Of course, Kirk and Spock aren't the only favorites featured. There's Chapel, Chekov, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, and Uhura. Guest stars include Apollo, Balok, Khan, Pike, Trelane, and Sarek. How nice!

Though the book revisits several of "Trek'"s classic moments, Pearlman's behind-the-scenes segments, accompanied by Shipman's excellent set-ups, are the most enjoyable, with the humor aimed toward an adult perspective. In fact, "Fun with Kirk and Spock" often plays in the style of Andy Kaufman and Pee-wee Herman. 

For any original-series fan, who seemingly has everything, this will make an ideal gift. (Copies are available now through Amazon and Etsy.) Heck, it's so darn clever, I bet it would even make a Vulcan grin.

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