Friday, November 13, 2015


To read a Jesus "Jesse" Gutierrez's Bandido Studios's comic is to become absorbed in not a mere mainstream tale told in panels, but rather a grandiose Mexploitation storyboard intended to unfurl in one's mind. Barrio Blues #3 is one such fine case in point. 

The voluptuous Tina and Q.T. Pie are back, embroiled in buxom, revenge hi-jinks against old-school villainy. Just keep in mind, the Barrio entries aren't for kids, the squeamish or the narrow-minded. This is a grim melodrama: modernized, stylized and serialized. Gutierrez also adds realistic dialogue and identifiable references to his segments, like Cheech and Chong, Godzilla...a handy drive-in theater: all of it seasoning the adventurous panache.

In addition to Gutierrez's curvaceous ladies, I'm particularly fond of a guy named Slyde: a common enough fella on the outside, but with an inherent cool, keen sensibility. Oh, and then there's the adversarial Hector: a real despicable son of gun, if you catch my drift. Hey, a good villain always adds to the fun. 

No one stirs a mix like Gutierrez, and I've seen my fill of innovative comics over the years. Indeed, whether one starts with the latest installment or goes back to the saga's foundation, it's all good, and to those who know pop culture, this one's gonna hit cozily close to home. 

You can touch base with the talented Gutierrez at Facebook via "Jesse Gutierrez" or the "Bandido Studios Comics and Art" page.  

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