Thursday, November 5, 2015


...Alerting folks of Filmfax #142 (Oct-Dec '15), which just hit the newsstands. It’s a particularly significant edition, catering to three legendary performers we've recently lost--Yvonne Craig, Christopher Lee and Patrick Macnee--in adoring retrospectives by Jan Alan Henderson and Daniel Savino. 

Though these legendary performers act as #142's headliners, the issue also features the second half of an interview with Donnie Dunagan (young star of "Son of Frankenstein", "Tower of London" and voice of Bambi) and an insightful first-part essay on George Pal's controversial "Doc Savage".  

While other so-called pop-cultural mags cater exclusively to the drab here-and-now, Filmfax isn't afraid to embrace the past, to celebrate the individuals who've enriched our lives over the decades. 

Grab your copy of Filmfax today. You're guaranteed hours of sterling sentiment and informative fun.  

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