Tuesday, November 24, 2015

HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2015!!! (Remembering the WOR Giant Ape Marathons)

I recall those glorious days of yore (from the '70s through the '80s) when WOR-TV (Channel 9 of Secaucus, NJ) would show a King Kong/Giant Ape marathon on Thanksgiving Day, followed by a Toho festival on Friday.

The first day would consist of "King Kong '33", "Son of Kong" and "Mighty Joe Young '49"; the second day generally featured "King Kong vs Godzilla", "King Kong Escapes", and "Godzilla vs the Sea Monster" (the latter originally planned to feature Kong in the lead, as one might know), or other various Toho favorites. 

In the final phases of these wonderful marathons, "King Kong '76" made an entrance, and then the festivals catered to "The Adventures of Superman" with George Reeves, as hosted by Jack "Jimmy Olsen" Larsen, giving us at least two years of a different variation of imaginative fun.

Alas, WOR said adios to such beloved, holiday traditions by the late '80s, scheduling "talk show" shenanigans in their place, where petulant folks "conversed" in the name of entertainment. (WOR wasn't entirely to blame, I suppose, having lost the rights to the O'Brien ape movies along the way, and I'm assuming the same situation thwarted the Toho and Superman salutes.)

Nonetheless, while those magical marathons lasted, I was most appreciative and savor all the terrific memories they sprung. With that in mind, I hope your memories are as sweet as mine this holiday. To one and all...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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