Sunday, August 9, 2015


Fasten your seat belts!!! Lady Action is here!!!

Ron Fortier has published a fantastic, rollicking yarn in "Lady Action: The Sands of Forever", through his prestigious pulp-fiction company, Airship 27 Productions. 

Lady Action is derived from the popular action figure, Captain Action (on whom Airship 27 also offers literary jaunts). Lady Action, Nicola Sinclair, embodies all the rough-and-tough spirit of her male counterpart, but with heart-pounding beauty, to boot. She'd surely give Lara Croft, Emma Peel and Peggy Carter a darn good run for their money with her sex appeal and combat abilities. (And doesn't that super-hot Ted Hammond cover just grab you by the libido!)

As far as the story goes, "Sands of Forever" is an exotic Middle Eastern romp, with a missing A.C.T.I.O.N. agent and mystical Tree of Life at its heart. Its characters are all colorful and memorable. I was particularly taken by a chap named Bin Starkill, who I promise will linger in your mind well after you absorb the yarn. 

Above all, Fortier's writing style is crackling good. He captures the flavor of Ian Fleming, but with a more modernized flow. His action sequences alone are comparable to what you'll find in any big-budget, adventure film.

Can't recommend this one enough! Check it out asap! It's an easy enough grab through Amazon, if you're so wise to choose!!!


  1. What an inspiring article, as I am a "Lady of Action" too! I notice a similar pattern in her with myself and this encourages me to seek out other articles and books of such. If you have any suggestions as to what you think may interest me, please let me know!

  2. Well, you can always rely on the Emma Peel/John Steed "Avengers" for inspiration, Kayla, but I must say, Mr. Fortier's adventure tale would be right up your alley. It brims of thrills and also has an air of cool mysticism about it--well worth the read for anyone into spirited females.