Thursday, August 6, 2015

Collectible Time #34: Dragon Prepainted Nick Fury and Midas XXI Iron Man Models; plus Pegasus Terminator 2 Diorama Kit

More splendors have arrived from Z&Z Hobbies...

To accompany my recent Dragon "Guardians of the Galaxy" kits (see "Collectible Time #29 - June '15), I landed two more in the pre-painted 1/9-scale realm: Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury (a "Captain American: Winter Soldier" edition) and a glimmering Mark XXI Midas Armor Iron Man ("Iron Man 3" edition)!!!

Gosh, isn't Fury's detail amazing? The facial sculpt is spot-on Jackson; the pose perfect, too.

The Midas Iron Man is equally stunning: the structure beyond sublime and the ascension stance awe-inspiring. 

Man, oh, man, does Dragon ever put out some fine products.

...And speaking of fine products, the ever spectacular Pegasus has conjured one dandy of a 1/32-scale diorama for Terminator fans.

The set-up is culled straight from "Terminator 2", and the detail on the five T-800 Endoskeletons a wonder to behold. I fancied dioramas as a kid and had several soldier/war-oriented ones. This Terminator entry captures their essence, but with a sleek, science-fiction twist. Ten Stars all the way!!!

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