Sunday, July 26, 2015

Collectible Time #32: Jesse Gutierrez Baron Salazar/Zexina Print

Another sizzling print has entered my hands, this one from Facebook pal, Jesse Gutierrez: a vibrant 11" x 17" tribute to the 1962 Mexican horror classic, "El baron del Terror" (aka, "The Brainiac"), as refashioned as part of Gutierrez's own specialized character line. 

As Mexican monster fans well know, the print's movie counterpart, Baron Vitellius, is a vengeful force to reckon with: a dashing gent who turns into a parasitic fiend, with a bat-like head and long, devilish brain-sucking tongue. Jesse's version is modified, of course, but no less significant, for the fiend is named after the film's producer and star, Abel Salazar. 

The image is also enhanced by some pretty curvaceous eye-candy, including the voluptuously vampiric Zexina. Oh, yeah!!!

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