Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Collectible Time #31: Shipman Black Widow/Hulk and Boba Fett prints

Obtained two new Gary Shipman 11" x 17" prints through Etsy, and both are Disney blockbuster related...

First we have a sprawling rendering of those two avenging love birds, Black Widow and Hulk!!!

Yep, one can certainly feel both the love and rage in this depiction. I also like the positioning of the full-figure Hulk next to the Window's haunting "Night Gallery"-ish portrait: an interesting and impressive combination. 

And for a little intergalactic splash, here's that legendary, planet-hopping bounty hunter...Boba Fett!!! He looks quite set for his offshoot film outing (assuming it's still on). I like the dusty aura this rendering projects, particularly with Shipman's superb use of a hazy Slave I in the backdrop.

Both artistic endeavors stir a sweeping sense of adventure, certainly enough to get one psyched for those sequels/prequels yet to come!!!

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