Friday, July 10, 2015

Collectible Time #30: Mattel Batgirl '66 Yvonne Craig figure

Just special-ordered an advance release of the latest 6" entry in the Mattel Batman '66 action-figure line...Yvonne Craig's Batgirl!!! (It's offered via "Toys"R"Us, in honor of the San Diego 2015 Comic Convention celebration.)

I have all the prior Batman '66 figure releases in this series and do intend to go down the line with any additional ones that are produced. So pleased that Ms. Craig was chosen to kick off a new spree: nothing short of a dream come true!!!


  1. Here's a thought: maybe Mattel will do a plastic Batgirl Cycle for the figure. Man, that sure would be spiffy!

  2. Just received Batgirl. Up-close, the specialized packaging is intriguing, but it's too soon to tell whether I prefer this over the design for the previous figures. (I suppose this sort of packaging would work better for stacking display purposes, though.) Be that as it may, it's sure nice to have this representation: a cool and inexpensive addition to my Batman collection.