Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Collectible Time #29: Dragon Pre-painted Guardians of the Galaxy Models (Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Star-lord)

I'm on a huge "Guardians of the Galaxy" kick, thanks to Z&Z Hobbies' offerings of the Dragon pre-painted, resin character kits. 

The detail on these is beyond what the photos convey, and the figures need only minor attachment. (There are also unassembled, vinyl versions that one can buy, for those of higher modeling skills.)

Anyway, there's the ever popular Rocket Racoon, who stands 7" and comes with a wee Groot figure (not included in the vinyl edition).

As one can see above, the packaging is delicately done and the illustrated slipcase quite striking.

There's also a 9" Groot, accompanied by a Rocket figure. Dig the superb detail on this duo; so nice and craggy, particularly on Groot!

And then there's the main man himself...Peter Quill: aka, Star-Lord. 

This 8" figure comes with interchangeable heads: one masked; the other in pure, Chris Pratt form.

To spice up the set, I also nailed the 5" Little Groot: a nifty companion piece to the Dancing/Musical Groot I showcased in Collectible Time #20. 

Supposedly, these limited-edition pieces were rendered via 3D technology to capture the characters' utmost likenesses. The models (whether in raw or pre-painted form) aren't cheap, but to die-hard "Guardians" fans, they're a godsend: at present, the best one's apt to locate.

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