Thursday, June 18, 2015

Collectible Time #28: Gary Shipman Captain Marvel/Shazam! and Rocketeer Prints, plus Funko Rocketeer figure

Landed a trio of new superhero additions for my collection: two of which are Gary Shipman art pieces...

The first entry is a sizzling 11" x 17" tribute to Captain Marvel--the original Captain "Shazam!" Marvel, that is. 

DC recently renamed the "big, red cheese"(a derogatory label, incidentally, coined by his adversary, Dr. Sivana) as the incantation used by Billy Batson to conjure the mighty one. Nonetheless, whether one calls him by is original (true) name or the Gomer Pyle exclamation, Shipman's homage is both electrifying and colorful, invoking not only the imaginative, decades-enduring myth, but the Tom Tyler movie serial and the '70s Saturday morning, live-action show. Indeed...Shazam!!!

Next in line are two pieces based on Dave Steven's spectacular tribute to Rocketman...the Rocketeer!!!

The first is a 11" x 17" Shipman print, championing Cliff Secord, the man with the amazing jetpack. As one can see, Shipman's design ignites the sheet with sleek, Art-Deco gusto. 

Nifty, eh? (BTW: the color scheme of the actual print rivals the above significantly, with lovely shades of golden brown and smoky gray.)

Shortly after obtaining the print, I came across (as fate so graciously dictated) the Funko 3 3/4" Rocketeer action figure at Barnes & Noble. The packaging features a cropped image of the '91 Disney movie poster. This particular Funko figure is more intricate than others in its vast pop-cultural series, featuring an attachable helmet and jetpack.  

As respected as Captain Marvel and the Rocketeer are, they still could benefit from renewed interest. I should hope these commendable representations will help promote that deserving elevation. 

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