Monday, June 15, 2015

Cinema Retro: Issue #32 (2015)

I want to give a nod to the latest issue of Cinema Retro. Alas, it's been hit-and-miss with my catching past issues, but I lucked out and found #32, Vol 11: a treat for any Dino De Laurentiis fan.

It includes in-depth articles on two Dino productions: "King Kong '76", by Ray Morton (author of the book, "King Kong: The History of an Icon..."), and "Orca: the Killer Whale", by Ernie Magnotta. 

Morton's Kong segment presents an honest, thorough assessment of John Guillermin's controversial remake, detailing how the epic retelling came to be and how ill-fated, competing projects helped shape it. (Part II will follow in Issue #33, dipping deeper into the actual filming.)

Magnotta's Orca review offers a refreshing view at what some of us consider the best of the "Jaws" inspirations. Sure, Joe Dante's "Piranha" may get loads of deserving accolades, but when it comes to poignancy and depth of character, Michael Anderson's adventure knocks it out of the park. Besides, the movie gives us one of Richard Harris' finest performances.

The issue also includes a look at Tom Gries' "100 Rifles", written by contributor Howard Hughes, which features several, stunning Raquel Welch stills, plus many other fascinating perspectives on films from the '60s/'70s.

Grab a copy while you can at your local Barnes & Noble.

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