Sunday, February 10, 2019


In October '15, I shared my reaction to one of the most brilliant and moving productions I've had the good fortune to absorb: Randy Bowser's "Karloff: the Play". I've continued to praise the show and the mastermind behind it, for Bowser's tribute is truly that special.

One can now purchase a digital download of Bowser's breathtaking, one-man event, where the actor/director/writer's engaging tonality guides the listener into the depths of Boris Karloff's fascinating life. 

In "Karloff: the Man Behind the Monster", one is treated to reflections on the actor's early years (his struggles and aspirations), as well as his entrance into Hollywood and his fated development of the Frankenstein Monster. Cinema legends such as James Whale, Colin Clive, Jack Pierce, Howard Hawks, Val Lewton and Bela Lugosi are woven throughout with tender, resonating care, adding to the vast, historic tapestry.  

Listening to Bowser's voice (the marvelous manner in which he channels the influential thespian) will delight one's ears--in fact, all of one's senses.

"Karloff: the Play" is not to be missed. "Karloff: the Man Behind the Monster" is, in its own loving way, every bit as uplifting and insightful. 

The digital download of Bowser's creation is available at ...

In addition to the audio presentation, one will receive a copy of the script, a video scene of the play, music tracks and a dandy production poster: all the more reason to order, all the more reason for Karloff fans to rejoice. 

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