Tuesday, May 23, 2017


I became a fan thanks to your suave portrayal of Simon Templar on "The Saint". You then charmed me with your smooth transition into the James Bond franchise, carrying your 007 persona through a string of whimsical hits: "Live and Let Die"; "The Man with the Golden Gun"; "The Spy Who Loved Me"; "Moonraker"; "For Your Eyes Only"; "Octopussy"; and "A View to a Kill". 

Your in-between jaunts also delighted me, including "Gold"; "Ffolks"; "Sherlock Holmes in New York"; "Wild Geese"; and the uproarious "Cannonball Run"; as well as your continuing roles in "Maverick" and  "The Persuaders".

You're still a hero to me, Sir Roger, and you always will be. Thanks for the wonderful escapism you bestowed upon the world. Your sterling efforts will remain forever appreciated...forever admired. 

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