Sunday, May 7, 2017

Collectible Time #86: MPC Stroker McGurk/Surf Hot-Rod Reissue Kit

My latest, Z&Z Hobbies procurement is a re-release of the '60s MPC plastic-model classic, Stroker McGurk And His Surf Hot Rod. Yep, it's bizarre, funny, and long overdue for a comeback.

McGurk was a cartoon character created by Tom Medley for Hot Rod Magazine. MPC leaped onto the hapless character's popularity, offering an assembly-required, surfer-dude representation that proved most popular for its hip outlandishness. 

The McGurk "Surf Rod" figure stands about 8" and his engine-propelled surfboard measures 12": an impressive scale in either case. McGurk also features a movable torso to give him extra expression. 

The MPC reissue contains a McGurk comic strip; a collectible sticker and improved decals.

It's so cool to see companies re-releasing these old, oddball favorites (also see Collectible Time #60; May '16: Lindberg's Mad Maestro). They sure warm the heart and are a swell way to add some good-spirited weirdness to one's collection. 

The McGurk kit goes for around $25 at most retailers. Get yours today while the opportunity is at hand!!! Vaaa-rooom!!!

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